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Sovereign Man: Total Access...
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Total Access is Sovereign Man's most exclusive membership to which we open enrollment only once or twice per year with a limited number of spots.
In Total Access I share my most
Exclusive Opportunities
One of the reasons why I formed Total Access is to be able to have a smaller, more exclusive audience for when really unique opportunities arise that are too sensitive to broadcast across the Internet.

We frequently share limited engagement opportunities that we’ll never be able to put in print with Total Access members only.

Here is one of the exclusive opportunities we are working on right now...
Get a Second Passport 
...while earning a strong, low-risk investment return in a VERY tax advantageous way
Imagine investing in a high quality, low-risk asset, safely earning between 7% and 14% year after year in a very tax advantageous way.

This would be a no-brainer opportunity on it's own for most people. But Total Access members receive a first-grade passport on top of it!

This is an opportunity we have created exclusively for Total Access by working directly with the prime minister and highest officials of a Caribbean nation.

This is an extremely limited opportunity, so we will only be able to share it with Total Access members.
First access to our
Private Bank
As a Total Access member you will always be the first to hear about and receive access to our new developments.

You will be the first to be able to apply for a private bank account with Strategic Bank, as well as our unique investment opportunities such as Agricultural Land Corporation, our successful Chilean farming project.
Complimentary access to
Sovereign Man: Private Investor
Some of the most popular stocks in the world are trading at absurd valuations... 300+ times their annual earnings. This is crazy, and there's very little growth opportunity left for investors.

Private investments can be much more lucrative-- whether investing in early stage companies, or buying existing, mature businesses that are already generating positive cashflow.

Early investors in companies like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, etc. have made incredible fortunes. Even a small early investment has been transformed into multiple millions.

Venture capital firms make multiple investments knowing that many of the companies they invest in are going to fail. But the ones which succeed often grow their investments by 100x or more.

Again, finding and vetting those early stage investment opportunities can be incredibly costly. But it's what my organization has been doing for years.

In fact, we've built an entire team of brokers, analysts, researchers, investment bankers, and legal experts around finding, vetting, and closing lucrative private investments.

We share these lucrative private deals exclusively with Total Access members
Sovereign Man: Private Investor (SMPI) is a special publication where we share these lucrative private deals, and it is available exclusively for Total Access members.

With the passage of the JOBS Act in 2012, investing in private businesses and startup companies has become permissible for tens of millions of people who were previously shut out of these investments.

There are entire "mastermind" groups that focus exclusively on presenting private investments, whose membership fees often exceed $25,000.
Access to these deals can easily cost $25,000 per year.
But Sovereign Man: Private Investor is available at no charge to Total Access members.
Even more importantly, our interests are completely aligned with our readers. In fact, we're investing side-by-side at exactly the same terms as our Total Access members.

It's commonplace in private investment circles for these businesses to pay handsome fees to "brokers" who raise money for their companies.

Not only do we not accept any fees or commissions, we actually negotiate steep discounts on the investments and pass along all the savings to our readers, saving Total Access members thousands of dollars on each investment.

But we do much more than that.

I invest my time, expertise and network in these businesses, so SMPI readers get a lot of benefit
To help our investors earn even higher profits, 
we personally mentor these businesses to the next level 
We'll often utilize our own internal resources to help grow the companies and their profits.

For example, one SMPI deal that closed in early 2016 was founded by a brilliant young entrepreneur who dropped out of Harvard and was accepted to a special entrepreneurship program funded by PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel.

The business we invested in was very exciting and had enormous potential.

But some colleagues and I spent extra time working personally with the founders to help grow the company's revenue.

With our efforts, the company became profitable in less than nine months, and revenue grew 40x from less than $2,500 per week to nearly $100,000 per week.

Entrepreneurs know the value of great mentorship. This is what allows us to negotiate much better terms when we invest in companies-- because I make myself, and my network, part of the deal, offering to help the company founder grow his/her business more quickly.

This is a major benefit to Total Access members who invest in these SMPI deals-- we leverage our talented network of entrepreneurs (many of which are home-grown at our annual entrepreneurship camps) to find, vet, and grow the investments.
Download a free preview of a recent private investment recommendation
In order to give you a better insight in what kind of deals we are doing at Sovereign Man: Private Investor, I have decided to share our latest recommendation with you.

Inside you will see our in-depth analysis of a small company that could transform the way Brazil does business.
Build relationships at our
Exclusive Events
Build relationships at our
Exclusive Events
Several times per year I invite you to join our events and meet me, my team as well as my personal and professional contacts.

At our past events we've had people such as Robert Kiyosaki, Peter Schiff, Ron Paul and Jim Rogers and many more join our members and break bread together.
This is what one of our members said after a recent Total Access event and you will probably feel the same.

As a longtime reader of Sovereign Man, you likely feel alien at home, cannot connect with people and can't talk about many things that really matter to you.

At Total Access you will meet many other likeminded high caliber people such as yourself and you will likely become friends, do business and invest together.
These events feel like family reunions.
Annual Meetings
Our annual meetings are a perfect mix between social gathering and a formal meeting.

It's a great time for you to meet the people that work hard every day to deliver the most value possible to you as well as the CEOs behind our private investments.

The date and location may change, but the feeling like this is a family reunion will always stay the same.
Simon Black on Stage with 
Ron Paul at our 2015 Dallas event
Simon Black on stage with the legendary investor
Jim Rogers at our 2016 event in Medellin, Colombia
Boots on the Ground Events
These are events we hold in places where we see opportunity arise. 

Our last event was in Medellin, Colombia where we explored the unique opportunities that this country has to offer.

Our next event will likely be in the Caribbean where we will give members to access to an exclusive total access only second passport program.
Relationship Building Events
Our annual and boots on the ground events are very actionable and educational events. There is little time for us to sit down and actually build a relationship with one another.

This is why we hold events specifically designed for members to connect with one another to build strong relationships with the rest of the group... and with me.... all in a beautiful, relaxed environment over great food and wine.

We do this every year in Italy in an absolutely stunning setting in the countryside.
A beautiful evening at your annual Italy event.
Local Gatherings
As I travel around the world, I frequently take time to meet up with Total Access members for small, informal dinners.

Just in the last year I met up with members in places as diverse as Dallas, New York, London, Bangkok, Los Angeles, and San Juan.
Peek inside our events
Simon Black explains what Total Access is all about.
We help you grow with
Educational Retreats
You have probably heard of my annual youth liberty and entrepreneurship camp.

Every year some of my most successful entrepreneur friends and I mentor a select group of young people in the Lithuanian countryside where we teach them as much as we can about business, investing, and freedom.

Due to the phenomenal experience we've had with the camp, and a number of members who have requested it, we decided to provide a similar experience for Total Access members.

This involves special educational retreats for our members to focus on a specific topic, like business, investing, health, etc., where I bring some of the most talented people I know in those respective fields.
And of course...
Free access to ALL our Products
All of our products are included in your Total Access membership. This means, you get free access to...
  • Sovereign Man: Private Investor (Previously sold for $2,995 per year)
    This service is no longer available anywhere outside of a Total Access membership, at any price.

    It allows you to allocate a portion of your capital to investments in private companies that can yield you multiples of what you put in (one of our latest investments doubled in value in just 6 months).
  • The 4th Pillar Investment Service (Sold separately for $1,795 per year)
    Our deep value investment service that helps you to buy shares of companies that are selling for less than the cash they have in the bank.

    This allows you to generate extraordinary returns while significantly protecting your downside.

    The portfolio is currently up over 70%...
  • Sovereign Man: Confidential (Sold separately for $995 per year)
    The finest offshore intelligence service in the world.

    Build a Plan B that ensure you will be ok and thrive no matter what happens in the world.
  • Sovereign Man: Explorer (Sold separately for $195 per year)
    Our starter international diversification blueprint that helps you to implement the three most important strategies.
  • Price Value International (Sold separately for $195 per year)
    Our financial education product giving you the insights and value investment recommendations from Tim Price, a professional wealth manager from London.
All of these products 
usually sell for over $6,000 per year!
With Total Access
You're on my team 
and I'm on yours
With Total Access
You're on my team 
and I'm on yours
Over the years I have become very good friends with many members that have lead to interesting business and investment opportunities for us.

But being on my team is much more than that. 

It means the Sovereign Man team and I will personally watch your back and help you out if you're ever in a bind .
I look forward to you joining the team.
Total Access membership costs
a LOT less thank you think.
If you purchased all of our products separately, it would cost you over $6,000 per year.

On top of that, how much would you pay for...
  • An investment opportunity that is low-risk, safely earns between 7% and 14% per year, is very tax advantageous AND gives you a first tier passport
  • Access to lucrative Private Equity deals that could generate 5x, 10x or even 50x returns
  • First access to a private bank that has been designed from the ground up to eliminate as many risks as possible
  • An exclusive network of my personal contacts and highly successful, likeminded people
Many people would be happy to pay tens of thousands of dollars for this. 

In fact, there are "Mastermind Networking Groups" whose membership fees often exceed $25,000.

But look... I'm a customer too. I buy things too. And anytime I buy something, I always want to get an absolutely absurd amount of value for my money.

And I like to treat my own customers the same way I like to be treated, by providing them with incredible value for the money. 
That's why an annual subscription to Total Access costs just $7,495/year.  
And, of course... you're protected by an 
Iron-clad Money Back 
Look, let’s speak to each other frankly— I want to make sure you get a ton of value out of our products, and we’ve designed them exactly to do that. 

I’m only interested in your satisfaction. 
But if you’re not satisfied with what you purchased, just shoot us a one line email to [email protected] within 30 days of purchase and we’ll issue a refund immediately. 

You don’t even need to make a phone call. It’s that simple. And that easy.

Integrity is the most important thing to me. And that’s why we have such a strong, iron-clad refund policy. 
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