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How to invest in private equity deals alongside Simon Black:
Watch this short, 4 minute video to learn:

- Why private equity can be such a lucrative, risk-adjusted investment opportunity

- How most venture capital firms aim for only a 10% success rate and can still double, triple, even 10X their money…

- What I've learned to drastically reduce risk and increase returns in private equity investing

The most lucrative deals are PRIVATE:
Throughout my travels as an entrepreneur and investor, I come across many interesting and lucrative private deals that most investors simply don't have access to.

And as I'm sure you can imagine...

Getting in on these deals is more about WHO you know than WHAT you know. 

Plus, getting in early can have extraordinary upside. 

Because of our insider access, and because we're able to negotiate such favorable terms for ourselves and our members (which I'll tell you more about in just a moment)...

We decided a few years ago to start a service to allow an exclusive group of Sovereign Man Confidential members to join in on these deals with us. 

The service is called Sovereign Man: Private Investor (SMPI).

Here are 3 reasons private equity is so exciting:

1. The potential for way-above-average returns
Private equity investments can be extremely lucrative. 

Early investors in companies like Apple, Microsoft, Groupon, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. have made incredible fortunes.

Even a small early investment has been transformed into multiple millions. 

Beyond these household names, there are thousands upon thousands of private deals that go 10X, 50X, even 100X every year. 

You may not end up making life-changing returns like those, but the facts are still on our side. 

On average, from 2002 through 2012, private equity funds returned 14 percent per annum after fees, according to research firm PitchBook Data.

In contrast, US stock funds gained an annualized 8.4 percent on average, and bond funds rose 5 percent a year, according to Morningstar.

From our perspective, private equity is a much safer investment, because you get to...

2. AVOID manipulated public markets
It would be inaccurate and practically impossible to say that every stock is individually manipulated...

More often, markets are manipulated, which means considerable risk for people who own publicly traded stocks.

Markets are manipulated by banks... 

By money-printing... 

By policy, rules, and regulations... 

We can step outside of this control to some extent by investing in private equity, dictating the terms of our angel investments, and controlling our own destinies as investors. 

Especially because, with private equity, we get:

3. Increased transparency
Investing in public equity markets requires you to trust that the regulators have done their jobs, and that the executives behind the businesses, their accountants and their attorneys are telling you the truth. 

The corruption in the public markets and the “alliances” between many public companies and the regulators means that the wolf is in charge of the hen house...

And that investors like you, your friends, and your family are the hens...

With private equity, everything becomes much more transparent. 

In fact, you can speak to the CEO/founders, examine their books, speak to their accountant/attorney...

You could even wind up on the board of a company as an angel investor.

And it's because of this increase in transparency and access to the companies' leadership teams that I've been so successful investing in private equity.


I have a secret weapon...
Over the last ten years, the best investments I’ve made have been in private equity...

...Mostly, because I have a secret weapon to negotiate favorable deals for myself and for SMPI members and then ensure the success of these investments.

Let me explain:

When you invest in traditional stocks, you have ZERO control over the profitable growth of the company you just invested in.

Can you call up Apple CEO Tim Cook or Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to discuss growth strategies or to introduce them to an ad agency or coach or senior executive who have helped you grow your other businesses? 

Of course not. 

Could you have called up Steve Jobs 35 years ago or Mark Zuckerberg 10 years ago if you were one of the first people to invest in Apple or Facebook? 

You bet. 

That’s a big reason I’ve been successful investing in private equity.

You see…

For me, it’s not just writing a check and hoping for the best…
While a typical VC firm might be happy with just a 10% success rate, because they know those few winners will be knock-it-out-of-the-park, home run investments…

The funds I manage have had a much higher success rate because...
  • I have a network of top-notch industry experts, entrepreneurs, and veteran investors and...
  • I help the companies I invest in succeed by providing strategy, making connections, even putting management teams under one roof where I can have a high level of supervision.
In fact, it's BECAUSE of my network and my "sweat equity" that I'm able to negotiate such favorable deals.

And that includes the investments I make alongside SMPI members.

See, when you become an SMPI member, you get the benefit of this powerful leverage when we negotiate the terms of the deal, WITHOUT needing to provide any sweat equity yourself.

Plus, it goes without saying that before we even negotiate the terms, we spend hundreds of hours and tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on due diligence to ensure these are high quality deals.

Here's what I mean...

Let our hired guns work for you:
At Sovereign Man: Private Investor, we have friends in the fund management business that operate as “hired guns”. 

These are sharp guys, paid hundreds of thousands per year, in some instances 6-figures for a 30-day contract, to scout deals and perform due diligence. 

As a member of SMPI, you'll get to tap into that expertise, yet are paying a tiny fraction of what this calibre of due diligence is worth.

See, for every deal we show SMPI members, there are a handful of deals we throw out to protect you and protect us.

Now, I want to be clear:

There's no such thing as a risk-free investment.

Investing in private equity can be risky, just like investing in traditional stocks and bonds can be risky. 

You have to realize that some of our recommendations will flat out fail. 

That's part of any investor's private equity portfolio.

And even though we've chased some of these deals into their graves when most people would just give up...

Even though we provide strategy and make connections to help these deals succeed...

We minimize our risk as much as possible from the onset with thorough due diligence.

Let me give you a quick overview of our due diligence process and the things that are important to us when evaluating deals...

How we evaluate whether to pursue a deal...
When considering an opportunity, we dive deep.

More that anything else, it's critical to us that we're dealing with PEOPLE we know and trust

We make sure to scout deals with honest, talented, ethical leadership running well-structured, organized companies that have significant competitive advantage in a growing industry.

To overly simplify a long and complicated process, it boils down to two key questions:

Question 1: Is the bus going in the right direction? 

Do we like the strategy and the product? Is the market growing fast? Does this company have a clear, defensible competitive advantage? Do they have a solid plan for growth? 

Question 2:Are the right people on the bus? 

Is the leadership team full of talented, experienced people who have a great track record? Have they built and sold successful companies before? Are they sharp, aligned, and easy to communicate with?  Do they have the skills, resources, and connections needed to implement their growth strategy?

As I'm sure you can imagine, the process goes well beyond this. 

Sometimes we'll spend months and dozens of meetings making sure a deal is a good fit.


We're investing in the future.
Look, we're not investing in 19 year olds who have an idea for an app that makes fart noises...

We're investing in smart, mature, talented people with a solid track record.

And the interesting thing about the most talented management teams is they know just how important people and connections are to their business.

It's actually the "people component" which gives us a lot of leverage while negotiating terms for these investments.

See, sometimes you’re able to hire for critical skill sets or for important connections to top notch advisors and well-connected people, but more often, founders are looking for STRATEGIC investors.

They don't just want money (especially when interest rates are at zero like they are right now and money is so easy to get)...

Founders want Sovereign Man's skills, resources, and connections...
THAT’s what we bring to the table. 

They know we have what they need and they trust that we will deliver. 

This primarily lands on my shoulders, and is why I’m able to get into deals that other people aren’t able to get into, and why I can negotiate FAR better terms (which you get to take advantage of). 

Which brings us to...

Why SMPI is a trustworthy, valuable tool for you:

SMPI is 100% aligned with you. 
We're on YOUR investment team:
SMPI takes NO fees from any issuer. 

We vet the deals, show members, and in most cases participate in the deals with our own capital. 

SMPI principals never participate with terms that are more favorable than the terms our members are receiving in the same equity round.

We're NOT like most "financial advisors" who are only telling you to put your money where they'll get a big cut...

We simply scout deals, perform due diligence, present the deals, tell you whether we're participating and why, and leave it to you to make a decision. 

We think it’s a pretty good model...it’s one that removes bias, ensures transparency and keeps the company, the SMPI service, and the investors aligned.

So if you'd like to take control of your investments in an asset class that's performed much better than stocks and bonds over the last decade...
Here's what you can look forward to as soon as you become an SMPI member:

Here are 3 deals SMPI members will be able to get in on soon:
We've invested in deals all over the world in many different industries.

In the past, SMPI members have had the chance to invest in industries ranging from fashion to financial technology (fintech) to publishing.

Here's why:

The new, hot industry isn't in the stock markets. You can't really invest in FinTech, Augmented Reality, cryptofinance, etc. by buying stocks. 

This isn't about funding some restaurant or coffee shop.

If you want to get into the next, hottest emerging trend, you have to invest privately. 

While I won't discuss the details publicly, we're currently performing due diligence and putting together 3 new deals for SMPI members to invest in with us.

I've personally vetted and discussed terms with each of these owners on behalf of SMPI members, and we're just finishing up final due diligence to ensure these are solid deals. 

Future Deal #1: In The Financial Technology (Fintech) Industry
The first is in one of the hottest markets right now, financial technology (fintech). 

Our modern day financial and banking system is strangely similar to the one that existed over 100 years ago.

Bottom line - nothing revolutionary has happened in this space. 

Smart entrepreneurs have realized this, and are capitalizing on a growing trend of bringing finance and banking into the twenty first century.

While I won't reveal the company name or details, this is the deal I'm most excited about at the moment, primarily because of the leadership team...

These are people who have experience with some of the most well respected financial companies in the world. 

They know how to build companies. How to build products. And how to sell. 

They have an excellent track record.

They’re looking for SOME capital, but they’re mostly looking for strategic support.

As a result, we can get into this deal alongside world-famous investors and senior executives at Fortune 100 companies... 

Future Deal #2: In the Medical Marijuana Industry
Legally, I can say very little about this publicly. 

What I can say is...

This deal is about to open up to SMPI members, and it's chock full of all the things we're looking for:

An incredibly competent management team, great strategy, great product, many strong competitive advantages, great cash flow...

This company has stacked the deck more than just about any company I've seen.

And beyond that, the guys running the company have a lot of experience with selling companies and IPOs (initial public offerings)...which is very good to see for a private equity investment. 

Future Deal #3: Asset-Backed Lending With a Strong & Steady ROI
There are very few places you can stick a portion of your portfolio and earn a guaranteed 12% annualized return.

One of the next deals we'll have for SMPI members is a safe and consistent asset-backed lending opportunity. 

Here's how it works: 

If you invest $10,000, you'll receive $1,200/year in interest payments from the borrower. 

So if the terms of the loan are for 2 or 3 years, you'd make $2,400 or $3,600 over that time, PLUS get your $10,000 back.

And IF the deal falls apart and the borrower can't pay you back, your investment is backed by real, liquid assets valued at a 3 to 1 ratio.

So IF "the worst should happen" you're covered. 

Normally, the minimum investment for this service is $100,000....but because that isn't an actionable opportunity for our SMPI members who aren't quite investing at that level yet....

...I've been discussing a solution with the owner of the company to allow us to "pool our money together" - so to speak - so that whether you're comfortable investing $1,000, $10,000, $100,000, or more, you can take advantage and earn a strong and steady 12% ROI on a portion of your portfolio. 

While this isn't a typical private equity deal, we wanted to make this special, lower minimum investment opportunity available to our SMPI members because it could be a strong addition to your portfolio.

Here's how to create your own "private equity fund" and invest alongside Simon Black:
Normally, if you want to invest in private equity you can invest in a fund and have little control over the direction of your investment...

OR, you'll have to bend over backwards to find the types of deals you'd actually want to invest in. 

We have a better model, and I want to personally invite you into it. 

In Sovereign Man: Private Investor, we'll present you with vetted deals after we've spent dozens of hours and tens of thousands of dollars on due diligence. 

You'll get favorable terms, and you'll get to choose whether you want to invest or not. 

The deals will be from all over the world, in a variety of industries, and a variety of sizes of companies.

And you'll have complete control over the direction of your personal "private equity fund."  

I'm confident you'll find your small investment into SMPI will be nothing more than a "rounding error" when compared with the value the service will provide you. 

And when you become an SMPI Member today, you'll save $1,000
SMPI is one of the most valuable services we provide to the Sovereign Man community.

The normal retail price is $2,995, which is already an incredible bargain when you consider you're getting access to exclusive deals, professional due diligence, and the favorable terms we're able to negotiate on your behalf thanks to our network and personal sweat equity.

However, today during our 6 Year Sovereign Man Anniversary Celebration, I want to extend to you a $1,000 discount as my way of saying thank you for being a loyal Sovereign Man Confidential member. 

This discount will end promptly at midnight on Friday, June 19th, so if you're serious about getting into these exclusive private equity deals, I urge you to join us today:
Get Sovereign Man: Private Investor
Price: $2,995 per year
Due to the high demand Sovereign Man: Private Investor is not available for purchase anymore.
Your order is protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Take 30 days to evaluate SMPI, 100% risk-free.

If for whatever reason you decide SMPI isn't right for you, just let us know by sending an email to clients@sovereignman.com, and you'll receive a prompt and courteous refund. It's that easy.

We stand behind everything we do because we know the value is worth over 10X the purchase price for people who take action.

We're confident you will grow your wealth with the powerful investment opportunities inside.
Now is the perfect time to secure your SMPI membership:

Here's the deal...

We're cutting out a TON of the heavy lifting by investing hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours into due diligence and vetting these deals before we invest. 

As I said, there will always be risk. 

However, we're ONLY recommending deals we're willing to put our own money into.

And then we're doing everything in our power - short of running the company - to get our members and ourselves a great return. 

If for whatever reason you don't feel SMPI is right for you after you've completed your purchase, you'll have 30 days to let us know and we'll send you a prompt and courteous refund thanks to our 100% money back guarantee.

I’ll see you on the inside.
Simon Black
Get Sovereign Man: Private Investor
Price: $2,995 per year
Due to the high demand Sovereign Man: Private Investor is not available for purchase anymore.
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