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What Exactly is 
Sovereign Man: Confidential? 
3 quick questions a responsible person asks himself when looking around and assessing the risk his family faces...
Any rational person will agree that there's something seriously wrong with the system we're currently living under in the West. 

And because of that, we have a responsibility to do what's necessary to protect our families and our hard-earned savings from the dangers of out-of-control governments.  

As you analyze your personal situation and consider the most prudent actions to take, here are a few of the most important questions we help our members answer to protect and grow their liberty and prosperity, no matter what happens next.

1. Are my savings stored in a SAFE jurisdiction and denominated in a strong, stable currency?
With most banks in the West holding as little as 3% of customer deposits, and gambling away the other 97% on risky investments...

With the US over 18 TRILLION ($18,000,000,000,000) in debt...

And with the rest of the world losing faith in the dollar and moving toward the Renminbi as the global reserve currency...

Any rational mind knows something has to give...

It's not a question of if, but WHEN. 

A smart move is to protect a portion of your hard-earned savings in a safe bank and strong currency overseas.

We'll show you exactly how we've helped our members do this in just a moment...

Next on the list...

2. Do I know WHERE to go and WHAT to do if I need to get my family out of Dodge, fast?

If your Plan B is missing this vital component, you're subject to your home government's ever-growing overreach. 

More rules and regulations. More executive orders.

More telling you what you can and cannot do. 

At this point, even martial law isn't out of the question.

The time to figure out where to go to protect your family isn't while you're packing your bags. 

And for people willing to protect themselves with solutions that make sense no matter what happens (even if nothing happens), there are some incredible opportunities out there, which we'll discuss in just a moment...


3. How can I responsibly protect and GROW my wealth without taking on tremendous risk?

While stocks are trading at nosebleed valuations...

And bonds are earning next-to-nothing, "backed" by nearly insolvent governments...

We're living in an incredibly risky financial environment. 

If you do nothing with your money other than save it, you'll actually LOSE it (due to inflation).

And if you put it into any traditional investment like stocks or bonds, the risk is enormous.

Yet, I want to be clear that this message is far from doom and gloom.

In fact, it's the opposite.

The people who are able to make more money (and keep more of it) are embracing unconventional, international opportunities...

Because, YES, there are still opportunities out there to earn 40%+ returns on your investments...

In fact...

Many of our members have earned 40%, 50%, even over 300% returns without gambling in an over-leveraged, manipulated stock market...

For example, while I realize there are all sorts of wild claims out there on the internet, take a look at this chart from the first quarter of this year:
What I’m showing you in this chart is that the members of our premium service Sovereign Man: Confidential (SMC) have more than TRIPLED their money with just one recommendation… and in less than three months.

You might be thinking—“That’s great. But it looks like I missed the boat. It already tripled.”

Sure, you already missed a lot of the upside on this particular investment. 

But our Chief Investment Strategist believes that there’s a lot of room left to profit from this trade. 

In fact, we think it could even double from here.

And, to be clear, that's just one recommendation. 

We recently had another recommendation go 4X (over 400%) in the last two weeks. 

Tracking down these opportunities for our members is what we do.


For smart, responsible people who are willing to break free from the status quo to protect themselves and their families with solutions that make sense no matter what happens next...

The opportunities are ABUNDANT

We share these opportunities and the exact steps to take advantage of them in our premium service, Sovereign Man Confidential.

Inside, we equip rational, responsible people with the tools and insights they need to make more money, keep more of it, and protect themselves from out-of-control, destructive governments. 

In fact...
Sovereign Man: Confidential is your guide to the best places on Earth to safely protect your life, your liberty, and your assets. 

Our flagship service goes in depth into the specific how-to details of internationalizing your life and your assets as well as exciting global investment and business opportunities.
As a Sovereign Man: Confidential member, you'll have...
  • Peace of mind, knowing that your family's future is secure because you took action on a clear, strategic plan.
  • Clear guidance on where and how to open a foreign bank account so that you know your savings will be held in a safe jurisdiction and currency. 
  • Boots on the ground accounts from various countries around the world that are suitable for establishing an alternative residency, so that if push comes to shove you know exactly where to go.
  • The best strategies to ensure your retirement savings are secure and growing.
  • The best advice on how to structure your business overseas. What to look out for, and what NOT to do in order to avoid becoming a milk cow for any government.
  • Invaluable information on how to avoid being exposed to a collapsing currency, so you can preserve what you have and retain your purchasing power
  • Access to an unparalleled network of contacts that will help you achieve the best possible results, as efficiently as possible.
Here's exactly what you'll get:
1. Sovereign Man: Confidential ALERTS
(a $995/year value):
You’ll receive regular Alerts 
with intelligence focused on international diversification, along with valuable global 
You’ll receive regular Alerts with intelligence focused on international diversification, along with valuable global investment insight.

Just in the last few months, SMC members received information and contacts on:
  • 3 specific ways to protect yourself from a collapse of the banking system.
  • How to obtain a second passport (for next to nothing) if you have ancestors from Europe.
  • How Hong Kong companies can be a very powerful tax strategy for the right person, and save you a small fortune.
  • How to obtain a tier one passport after just two years and very limited time spent in a beautiful South American country.
  • How you can minimize, or even eliminate, the bulk of your tax on investment income by using two unique strategies in Puerto Rico.
  • How to pass 100% of your assets tax-free to your family and ensure the government gets nothing. 
  • Why Hong Kong is our top pick for international banking: where and how to open an account. 
  • A no brainer (almost free) option to obtain residency in Colombia, one of the most exciting places in the world. 
  • And much more...
2. Access to the SMC comprehensive
 video library
As an SMC member you’ll gain access to our comprehensive video library. 

This is your Master's Degree in international diversification, with thousands of dollars’ worth of videos. Instantly, and on demand.

Portions of this video series have sold for over $2,000, and we are now including these videos exclusively with your SMC membership.

Each of these topics have multiple videos, with incredible lessons inside. 

You won't find a comprehensive international diversification resource like this anywhere else. Inside, you'll have access to:
Here's a snapshot of the categories inside our comprehensive video library:
  • Foreign Banking: You'll get to know 5 much safer foreign banking options, where Simon does the heavy lifting for you, discussing their financials and who they're right for. (6 videos)
  • Residency & Second Citizenship: Attorneys and residency specialists from multiple jurisdictions will take you through the necessary procedures to become a resident -- and eventually qualify for a second passport. (7 videos)
  • Offshore Gold & Silver Acquisition and Storage: You'll get to know what Simon calls "The Rolls Royce of bullion storage" -- one of the safest facilities in the world, in one of the safest jurisdictions in the world. Plus, you'll learn how you can obtain liquidity through your precious metals as well. (3 videos)
  • Asset Protection & Estate Planning: Simon and his personal tax attorney break down this complex topic in a series of 11 videos, which will help you understand how you can efficiently protect your assets and make sure that your heirs keep more of what you pass on to them. (11 videos)
  • Tax Mitigation: In a series of videos from our events Simon and various tax attorneys discuss multiple strategies for deferring, minimizing, or even completely eliminating your taxes. These strategies range from the simple to the complex, but they're all completely legal and can save you a tremendous amount in taxes. (6 videos)
  • Offshore Brokerage: Get to know the founder and Managing Director of our best offshore brokerage recommendation -- a safe firm which allows you to trade dozens of public markets worldwide. (2 videos)
  • Cryptocurrencies and the Future of Finance: Get to know the man that's at the forefront of the digital revolution in the financial world and better understand how new technology is a complete game changer for how we view and interact with money. (2 videos)
  • And much more...
The tax and legal information contained within these videos alone will save you thousands of dollars in both legal fees and tax savings.

You’ll find all the videos categorized, tagged, and easily searchable—literally at the tip of your fingers on your demand.
3. Member's Only Discounts
(Worth over $10,000)
As an SMC member you can take advantage of discounts on top-notch service providers from all over the world, such as... 

- A €3,000 discount off Belgian residency services
- 15% off Argentinian residency and citizenship services
- 45% savings on Marshall Islands Incorporations
- $1,500 savings on Offshore IRA services
- $500-$1,000 discounts on incorporation services in Hong Kong.
- Discounts for our recommended tax and legal specialists 
- Free trades at offshore brokerages
- And much more.

Even if you take advantage of one or two of these services, your savings will be worth multiples of your investment. 
4. Monthly Member's Only Conference Calls
Every month I host a conference call with SMC members where we go through the most important developments of the month across the world.

Things like exciting new opportunities I’m seeing and encountering on the ground while I travel, new destructive tactics that bankrupt governments are trying to employ to curb our freedoms, and any other important changes that you should know about.

Plus, we go through some of the most important questions from SMC subscribers each month.
5. Quarterly In-Depth Black Papers
You’ll receive quarterly in-depth Black Papers on specific international diversification topics.

Past Black Papers have covered topics such as transporting, storing and buying gold offshore; offshore online hosting; digital privacy; email encryption; and so on.
As a Sovereign Man: Confidential member, you'll get access to all the past Black Papers produced so far...
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You're protected by our 30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee. If you're unsatisfied for any reason, simply email [email protected] within 30 days of purchase and we'll provide you with a prompt and courteous refund. 
High praise from Sovereign Man: Confidential Members
  • Jeff G.
    "I can't thank you enough for the immensely valuable information you and your team continue to provide month-in and month-out. You've really helped shape my life in a very significant and positive way." 
  • Frank K.
    "Everything I have left I owe to your guidance." 
  • Gayla
    "You guys do a great job! Out of the 10 or so newsletters I subscribe to, I find yours to be the most informative and packed with actionable items."
  • D. B.
    "The information you provide is fantastic, information that I could not possibly obtain on my own." 
  • Reynaldo
    "I'd like to say, thank you for all you do for us. Joining ... is one of the best investments I've ever made." 
  • Ben R.
    "Just wanted to close the loops and say thanks. I went with ***** Bank. All that was needed was passport and proof of address and to fund the account, of course. My driver's license worked for me. It was very easy! I was in and out in 30 minutes." 
  • B. Lanier
    "I have been researching the expat life for many years and I have found your information to be the most down to earth. I trust your site enough to recommend it to my mother." 
Here's what you'll find
 inside the SMC archives...
About Your Editor-In-Chief: Simon Black
My name is Simon Black.

I'm the founder of Sovereign Man: Confidential, an international entrepreneur and investor, and a free man. 

I travel the globe looking for personal and economic opportunities to enrich my life and the lives of our subscribers. 
Simon Black at our Sovereign Man Offshore Tactics Workshop in Santiago, Chile, in 2013. with Peter Schiff, Nigel Farage, Ron Paul, Jim Rodgers, and Jim Rickards.
Sometimes this means a great investment, an exciting business venture, beautiful places to live, or new relationships. 

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur and investor, I graduated from West Point and became an Army Intelligence Officer. 

After my time in the military, I became a permanent traveler.  

That means I have no home, and I am free to move about the world at my discretion.

I believe that my capability to make money and enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle is not constrained by my geography. It’s not 1984 anymore.

I’m a student of the world, and I believe that travel is the greatest teacher. 

My knowledge is practical and hopefully of significant use to you. Off the top of my head I could quote you the price of beachfront property in Croatia, where to bank in Dubai, the best place to store gold in Singapore, which cities in Mexico are the safest, which hospitals in Asia are the most cost effective, and how to find condo foreclosure listings in Panama.

I believe that in order to achieve true freedom, you have to make money independently, control your time, and eliminate the mindset that you are subject to a corrupt government that is bent on degrading your personal liberty.
As a Sovereign Man: Confidential Member, you'll get access to years of premium intelligence, tools, and contacts to plant multiple international flags and increase your freedom and prosperity... for example:
  • A jurisdiction where banks pay you 5% to 7% interest on your deposit.
  • 5 ways to safely and reliably transport gold and silver overseas.
  • How to reduce your estate taxes to zero -- and eliminate tax-paying obligations for your heirs.
  • The one country to keep your money in that has never, ever had a bank failure.
  • Australia’s giant tax loophole for permanent travelers.
  • This beautiful tropical island offers some of the strongest creditor protections in the world.
  • How to obtain the most valuable passports in the world.
  • How to avoid becoming a resident for tax purposes in virtually any country in which you live.
  • The easiest way to obtain residency – and a good job – in Chile.
  • How establishing a corporation in Singapore can substantially reduce or defer your tax liabilities.
  • The best location in Asia for storing gold, silver, and other precious metals.
  • The ideal jurisdiction for financial accounts if you want to hold Renminbi offshore.
And many, many more. We are adding on several brand new Intelligence Reports every month.
Plus, you'll receive $342 of Free Bonuses
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    • Monthly Members Only Conference Calls - with Simon Black himself 
    • Member's Only Discounts (well over $1000 annually)
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    At Sovereign Man, we’re dedicated to helping you become a more free and successful individual, not to make your life a hassle or to make you jump through hoops and red tape. 

    We’re dedicated to providing the best intel out there for internationalizing yourself and your assets, so if you don’t think what we have is right for you, for whatever reason, you are protected by this guarantee.
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    Frequently Asked Quesitons
    Am I locked into a subscription or can I cancel at any time?
    After you purchase Sovereign Man: Confidential, your membership is set to renew automatically after 12 months for the purchase price, but you can cancel the renewal at any time. 

    If you are unhappy with the content or you feel that the content is simply not the right thing for you, you can always get a refund up to 30 days from the date of purchase. 

    A few weeks before your renewal is due, we will send you a reminder with instructions on how to cancel your membership. 

    If you forget to cancel and your membership renews without you wanting to continue it, you can cancel and get a refund up to 30 days after the renewal.
    What is the price after 12 months?
    The renewal price of your Sovereign Man: Confidential membership is exactly the same as the initial price you are paying today. Even when we raise the price in the future, your savings will be locked in.
    Do I need to be a high net worth individual to benefit from this?
    We cast a very wide net with the intelligence we provide. Some of the options cost nothing to take advantage of and can still give you tremendous peace of mind. 

    Clearly the more assets you have to protect, the more financial value you may derive. But the education you'll receive is priceless. And even if you're not quite at the financial level where you expect to be down the road, it certainly makes sense to start building your knowledge right now. 

    Of course, if you're not fully satisfied, you can always take advantage of our 'no questions asked' refund policy.
    Take $50 off your SMC Membership during our 5-year anniversary celebration

    Plus, you get $342 of international diversification bonuses when you order before September 20th at Midnight

    Here's what you get when you activate your SMC subscription today:
    Sovereign Man: Confidential (6 month membership)
          Regular Price: $229

    Today's Price: $179
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    Free Bonus #1: Offshore
    Trust Kit      
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    Free Bonus #2: Foreign
    Banking Black Paper
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    Total Regular Price: $571
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