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Take Advantage of this No-Brainer Opportunity To...
Buy shares of a high quality, profitable company at an incredible 24% discount to its cash balance
Get a generous 3.2% dividend right away.
But, to take full advantage of this and to qualify for the dividend, you must own the shares before Friday within...
Profitable, dividend-paying company with $1.32 of net cash for each $1 of market value
Stocks and entire markets can often be irrationally overvalued (such as in the US right now…), but sometimes, you can also find rare gems of high quality, profitable companies that are irrationally undervalued.

The opportunity you have today is the perfect example of that...
As a full member you will get instant access to the full version of this report, along with Tim's other recommendations.

This is an exceptional investment strategy.
When you buy shares of companies that are this deeply undervalued, you're significantly reducing your risk while exposing yourself to exceptional investment returns.
That’s why we’ve only had two losers in the past two years and overall the portfolio is up 92.2%.

If you're skeptical, or you're not sure, I encourage you to just take me up on this. I have absolutely ZERO desire to charge anyone for a product that they don't like. 
So you have my personal guarantee, directly from me, that if you don't like the 4th Pillar or this opportunity for any reason, we'll refund your purchase immediately
Here's how this strategy has performed in the past...
Imagine this...

What if a CEO walked into your office and said:
How quickly would you write that check? 

As fast as possible, of course. 

You could empty the bank account, immediately recoup 100% of your investment, plus pocket an additional $78,000, PLUS make $6,000 per quarter in free income.

It may seem absurd that anyone would ever offer this deal - no one in his right mind would.

That is the exact opportunity that made 4th Pillar members 57% profit in less than six months
Chart of Mount Gibson on the Australian Stock Exchange. | Chart image source: Yahoo Finance
In September of 2016 we recommended members of the 4th Pillar to buy shares of Mount Gibson (MGX) on the Australian Stock exchange.

Less than six months later, in February of 2017, the rest of the market realized how absurd it was that this company's shares were trading for less than the amount of CASH the company had in the bank.

The share price soared and our members made 57% profit in less than six months!
Huge wins like this are not an exception-- they are the norm in the 4th Pillar
We are able to generate such fantastic returns consistently, because the 4th Pillar is a system that primarily focuses on deeply undervalued companies.

4th Pillar recommendations are typically high quality, profitable businesses that are so overlooked and absurdly undervalued by the market that the shares are selling for less than the amount of cash the company has in the bank.

This creates an enormous margin of safety, which means that you significantly minimize your risk while opening yourself up for exceptional profits.

Legendary investor Jim Rogers has often said that he waits to invest until the money is just sitting in the corner... and all he has to do is walk over and pick it up.

That's the kind of opportunities we focus on in the 4th Pillar. Great, profitable companies are selling for less than the amount of CASH they have in the bank

Here are a few more recent examples...
Chart of Karoon Gas on the Australian Stock Exchange. | Chart image source: Yahoo Finance
In April 2016, we recommended Karoon Gas in the 4th Pillar, an Australian-based oil and gas company.

At the time, the market valued Karoon at A$301.99mn. But the company had nearly A$523.5mn in cash in the bank and was generating a solid profit.

In just 7 months, the market realized that Karoon was an incredible deal, the stock price surged and 4th Pillar members made almost 90% profit.
Chart of Nam Tai Properties. | Chart image source: Yahoo Finance
In September 2014, we recommended Nam Tai Properties, a Hong Kong-based real estate holding company.

At the time, the market valued Nam Tai at $204mn. But the company had nearly $261mn in cash in the bank, over $221mn worth of real estate and was generating a solid profit.

Over the next 2 years, the market realized that Nam Tai was an incredible deal, the stock price surged and 4th Pillar members made over 105% profit.

These are examples of just two positions we closed out in the last eight months, but there are many more recommendations that are up, but haven't reached the top yet.

On top of that, there are several similar opportunities available RIGHT NOW to members of the 4th Pillar.

This strategy works, which is why the 4th Pillar portfolio is up 83.5% and we've had only two losers in the past 2 years. 
Trade overvalued US dollars for deeply undervalued foreign assets.
The US dollar has spent the last two years at record levels, posting multi-year highs against major currencies like the British pound, Australian dollar, and the euro.

But that era may now finally be coming to an end.

Almost NOBODY wants a strong dollar.

Big companies don't want a strong dollar, because it makes their exports more expensive.

The Federal Reserve doesn't want a strong dollar because they believe it constrains economic growth.

Donald Trump certainly doesn't want a strong dollar, and recently told the Wall Street Journal that the dollar is "too strong".

It's pretty obvious what's going to happen-- the US dollar is set to get a LOT weaker.

Take a look at this chart. The US dollar has a LONG way to fall before it reaches a more 'normal' level.
The US dollar is completely overvalued and is near a multi-year high. | Chart image source: Bloomberg
So if you're holding on to US dollars right now, it's critical to understand this:

You have a golden opportunity RIGHT NOW to trade an overvalued currency that's bound to fall, for undervalued assets that are going to increase in value.

Now, that's precisely the problem.

There aren't exactly a lot of undervalued assets right now to choose from.

Just about EVERYTHING in investment markets is trading at (or near) an all-time high. 

Many stock markets are at record levels and trading at valuations so high you could get a nose bleed.

Companies that are popular with investors are selling for more than 350x earnings, a level that defies all possible rationality.

But if you're willing to put in just a little bit of effort, you'll see that there are plenty of overlooked corners of the marketplace where you can find exceptional value..

Look- we all enjoy getting a great deal, whether we're buying a new car, pair of jeans, or steak dinner.

Why should investing be any different?

But for some reason, most mainstream investors tend to buy shares of companies that are overvalued and incredibly expensive.

I'm talking about companies whose stock prices have been driven to insanely high levels based on nothing more than popularity and mass euphoria rather than sensible business fundamentals.

It's not even unusual in today's stock market to find popular companies worth tens of billions of dollars... yet the businesses consistently lose money.

It's madness!

But just in the same way that stocks can be irrationally OVER-valued, it's possible to find some companies in overlooked corners of the market where the stocks are irrationally UNDER-valued.
It's like buying a dollar for 80 cents 
Market irrationality works both ways. And sometimes we can use it to our advantage.

I'm specifically talking about profitable companies whose shares are so cheap right now you can buy them for less than the amount of cash the companies have in the bank.

It's like buying a dollar for 80 cents.

This is the perfect illustration of how our screwed up financial system is creating amazing opportunities to invest in high quality businesses whose shares are practically being given away by the market. 

The 4th Pillar Investment Alert Service focuses almost exclusively on these no-brainer investment opportunities-- high quality, profitable businesses that can be bought for peanuts.
Three Ways the 4th Pillar Investment Strategy Makes Money for You:
The strategy in our 4th Pillar investment service focuses on buying shares of high quality foreign companies that are selling for less than the amount of cash they have in the bank.

For example, a company might have $5.50 per share in cash, but due to the market's irrationality, the company is traded on the stock market for just $3.75 at a 31% discount to it's cash backing.

So this means that there are several different ways you can profit from this strategy:

1. Capital Appreciation. By purchasing a well-managed, growing company that trades for less than its cash balance, there's a very strong chance that you're buying near the bottom, which reduces your risk significantly.

Consequently, you can expect the share price to increase dramatically, even if it returns just to its cash backing.

Again, this strategy is producing results averaging a return of 52% just on the share price appreciation.

2. Currency Appreciation. The second way you can make money with this strategy is with the currency appreciation.

Some of these investments involve buying companies in foreign currencies, like the Australian dollar or British pound, that are trading near multi-year lows against the US dollar, and far below their historic averages.

This substantially reduces the downside risk.

And if these currencies do nothing more than return to their historic average, then you will also make money on the currency appreciation.

3. Dividend Income. Many of the investments we make also return a portion of their profits to shareholders in the form of a dividend, often as high as 7% or more.

Bottom line--

We make money when the stock price goes up, even just to its cash backing.

We make money when the currency appreciates from its historic low.

PLUS, we make money because we invest in well run companies that generate positive cash flow (which means we may receive dividends). 

This is an exceptional investment strategy: you're taking on limited risk while exposing yourself to multiple, significant upside opportunities. 

Here's a great example of what's available to rational investors like us:
This strategy led to a 1,700% return on investment. 
Back in late 2008 in the early days of the financial crisis, the stock price of a mining company called Fortuna Silver had collapsed. 

Fortuna’s stock had fallen so much that the entire company was worth about $33 million. 

Yet the company’s cash balance at the time was more than $41 million. 

So in essence the entire company was worth 20% less than the value of cash it had in the bank.

On top of that, Fortuna had tens of millions of dollars worth of other tangible assets like real estate and inventory, and almost no debt.

And they were quite profitable, earning more than $1 million dollars annually.

As an investor, the market was giving you $8 million for free. Plus all the other assets at no cost. PLUS an extra $1 million each year.

Fortuna eventually generated a 1,700% return for investors.

Note- I’m not recommending Fortuna today. But I want you to understand that occasionally these types of incredible opportunities do arise.

And they are precisely the types of opportunities that we focus on in the 4th Pillar.

Our job is to do the hard work to find those opportunities and make it easy for you to profit.
We do all the hard work for you...
As you can see, the 4th Pillar recommendations are typically smaller companies in overlooked corners of the marketplace, often in countries where the currency is at a multi-year low against the US dollar.

We're not talking about investing in Apple or Amazon. 

Ever heard of Bauxite Resources? Probably not.

It's a small Australian company that had a $40 million market capitalization when we recommended it.

(And yes, it was trading for less than the amount of cash it had in the bank at that time.)

4th Pillar subscribers recently made a 490% return in just 11 months on shares of Bauxite Resources.

But trust me, it takes a LOT of effort to find these opportunities.

Behind the scenes of this system is a lot of research, analysis, and hard work.

What the 4th Pillar offers is a way for you to tap into our expertise, our experience, and our efforts, so that you don’t have to do anything other than place the buy and sell orders with the broker. 

(We even provide recommendations for online and full-service brokers so you can participate in these investments right away.) 
And the great thing is this system makes sense whether you're starting with $10,000 or $1,000,000.

The 4th Pillar will make it extremely easy for you, providing the exact BUY and SELL recommendations each month, including special alerts throughout the month as necessary.

And with the broker recommendations we provide to our members, all the hard work is done for you. 

It's that simple. 
Yes, you can even use your retirement funds
The 4th Pillar deep value investment recommendations are a great option for your retirement account. You can invest in all of these positions through any broker that works with retirement accounts.

This will work whether you have an IRA, solo 401k, or a self-managed super annuation.
How much does the 4th Pillar cost?
Typically, high end, niche investment services like the 4th Pillar cost anywhere from $4,995 to $7,995 per year.

And given the whopping returns you can generate with this research, that's a very fair price to pay, even if you have a modest portfolio size.

But look... I'm a customer too. I buy things too. And anytime I buy something, I always want to get an absolutely absurd amount of value for my money.

And I like to treat my own customers the same way I like to be treated, by providing them with incredible value for the money. 
That's why an annual subscription to the 4th Pillar costs...
Just $1,795 per year.
But not today.
Today, take $800 off the 4th Pillar.
1 Year Retail Price: $1,795
Limited Time Discount: -$800
Total Price Today: $995
Here's exactly what you'll get inside 
The 4th Pillar
  • Timely, deep-value investment recommendations from Tim Staermose, Sovereign Man's Chief Investment Strategist, that show you exactly which price to buy at, which price to sell at, and a recommendation for how much of your portfolio to invest.
  • The 4th Pillar is primarily delivered via a monthly letter, but stock prices (and the markets), don't work on a monthly cycle. Should quick action be necessary, Tim will let you know the moment he has any important buy or sell recommendations.
  • Plus, you'll get a complete guide of recommended brokerage options to most effectively trade 4th Pillar recommendations. Our recommendations include online brokers as well as full-service Australian brokers. 
"It paid for itself already..."
This is what one of our members told me when I met him in Hong Kong a few months ago.

See-- he joined the 4th Pillar in August of 2016 and purchased shares of Karoon Gas, one of our previous recommendations, which was still trading at BUY levels at the time.

Less than two months later the share price surged and he sold his shares making a spectacular 79% profit covering his entire 4th Pillar membership and then some…

He is not the only one who has experienced this, because one single trade can easily cover the entire cost of a one-year membership of the 4th Pillar.

Relax. You're protected by an iron-clad money back guarantee.
Look, let’s speak to each other frankly— I want to make sure you get a ton of value out of our products, and we’ve designed them exactly to do that. 

I’m only interested in your satisfaction. 
But if you’re not satisfied with what you purchased, just shoot us a one line email to refunds@sovereignman.com within 30 days of purchase and we’ll issue a refund immediately. 

You don’t even need to make a phone call. It’s that simple. And that easy.

Integrity is the most important thing to me. And that’s why we have such a strong, iron-clad refund policy. 

In Freedom,
Simon Black
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